• Investment Union

    is a privately held investment company focused on
    energy market and commercial real estate.

About the founder

Robert Zagożdżon is a businessman, leader, mentor and coach, who seizing the opportunity brought by liberalization and opening of telecommunications and energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland – by managing telecommunication and energy companies. His business success was commented by leading business media: Forbes, Wprost, Parkiet, Manager and more.


Years of experience in buing promising enterprises taught us
that there are seven factors of successful investments:

High-profit potential – we focus on companies operating in growing markets with a desire and ability to expand their dominant market position. The average revenue level should be between 5 and 50 million dollars.

Culture and Activities


Building a distinguished enterprise and realizing the employee's value.


For the investors, society and the employees.

03Core Values

Making innovation and constantly surpassing with a harmonious people-oriented approach.

04Development Principle

Focusing primarily on electric power and secondarily on the related multifield.

05Operation Principle

Being creditable and trustworthy striving for both social and economic benefit.

06HR Management

The best people in the most suitable positions.

07Standard for Building Leading Bodies

High political quality, outstanding performance, improved teamwork and good work style.


Investment Union S.E.

Poland, Warszawa 02-675, Woloska 24

Investment Union a.s.

Slovakia, Bratislava 81101, Karadzicova 8A

Investment Union s.r.o.

Czech Republic, Praha 110-00, Old Town Revolucni 655/1

Investment Union Limited

Cyprus, Nicosia 1060, Stasi & Baumpoulinas 3

Investment Union Inc

United States of America, WA 98230, 1927 Boblett Street BN-9 Blaine

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